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The Jupiter Bike: Your Eco-Friendly Option


Are you trying to reduce your carbon footprint? When you get a Jupiter Bike, you’ll be taking steps toward a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Or should we say “rolling toward?” Whatever the case, the Jupiter Bike is a smart option in our world today when carbon emissions are choking the life out of our precious planet. What will be left for our kids and grandkids? And what about THEIR kids?


You’ll never need to worry about the cost of gas if you use your Jupiter Bike everywhere you go. Even if you still need to drive to work, if you keep all your local trips to the supermarket, out to dinner, or along the beach on your Jupiter Bike, you’re helping to clean up the world. It creates no air pollution, plus it frees up parking spaces in bigger cities which keeps people from burning more gas into the air circling around looking for spots.


Imagine if the streets of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago or Miami were taken over by the Jupiter Bike! The positive impact we could all make switching to this mode of transportation for short travel distances would be huge!


Plus, you get something out of it too, besides cleaner air for you and a better planet for your future generations. It’s completely portable and folds up to fit in your backpack. The rechargeable lithium battery takes little time to power up and stays charged for 2 hours too, allowing you to get there and back without worry. Charge it anywhere you go to keep the adventure going.


Take the Jupiter Bike challenge and help clean up our world while finding your next adventure. We’re happy to show you how it works and how it can better your life!

Rob D.

Rob D.

Rob brings his technical background to the electric bike business. Inspired by the revolutionary design of the JupiterBike, Rob uses his engineering and management background to help translate customer recommendations to real bike improvements. "This is a great product, it's fun having a product that really 'wows' the customer!" Rob enjoys working with all parts of the business, he loves showing the bike off at events, enjoys working with the web design and marketing teams, and plays a major role in overall strategy for the JupiterBike.