Real Reviews: Jupiter Bike


Recently, Barry Berhoff, the President of Shurhold Industries, did a video review of the Jupiter Bike with his sons, Shane and Vaughn. In the short video, you can see just how Jupiter Bike really fits your life. 

Barry had 4 of them stashed in his boat hatch with plenty of room to spare. In just minutes, he brought them onto the dock and had Shane and Vaughn unfold them. You can see how easy it is to set up your Jupiter Bike and how the security latches keep you safe as you ride. With such a hassle-free mode of transport from the docks to the surrounding area, you can truly see how our electric bike makes for a low-maintenance way to get around. 

Check out the video Barry made to see all the cool features that fit your life with Jupiter Bike!


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Rob brings his technical background to the electric bike business. Inspired by the revolutionary design of the JupiterBike, Rob uses his engineering and management background to help translate customer recommendations to real bike improvements. "This is a great product, it's fun having a product that really 'wows' the customer!" Rob enjoys working with all parts of the business, he loves showing the bike off at events, enjoys working with the web design and marketing teams, and plays a major role in overall strategy for the JupiterBike.