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Safety Matters


It’s more than a bike.

Our entire Jupiter Electric Bikes team spends countless hours working towards the best possible experience for our customers. From design to manufacturing, marketing to customer service, sales to technical assistance, we strive to solve problems and create better buying opportunities for our customers every single day. Safety is a major priority in every bike that we manufacture.

Like many of you, we have seen headlines over the last year relating to fires caused by lithium-ion batteries in New York City that have caused both injury and death. Measures to ban e-bikes have been proposed and withdrawn over the last nine months. Investigations by local authorities reveal that low quality, second-hand, or rigged batteries – those used by delivery drivers looking to maximize their speed and driving time are partially to blame. Picture a back room of a bodega with 50 batteries charging on a maze of drop cords and power strips. This leads to tragic, sometimes fatal results.

We are proud to say that every Jupiter Electric Bike model utilizes batteries that are UL 2849 tested and approved. The UL 2849 listing is an accredited national safety standard specifically applied to e-bikes. It covers the electrical drive train system, the battery system, charger, interconnected wiring, and battery power inlet. The rigorous testing is the highest (voluntary, for now) standard for electrical and fire safety certification. It includes specifically assessing the risk of electric shock or fire while the battery is charging and discharging.

What this means for you as our customer is that you can feel confident and secure in your purchase. A Jupiter Electric Bike is not going to be a dangerous product to bring into your home and you can feel confident in this because of the standards we are committed to meeting. UL 2849 testing means a safe product that will not harm you or your family.

Because it’s more than a bike.






Paul C.

Paul C.

Paul Crutcher is Director of Marketing and Digital Content for Jupiter Electric Bikes. His resume includes more than 20 years working in radio and television. Paul was both writer and director for a feature-length documentary film. He served on the national governing board for College Broadcasters and spent over a decade in the classroom as a faculty instructor teaching Mass Communications and Media Studies.