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3 Ways Electric Bikes Help Wildlife Hunters Find Game


A whopping 101.6 million Americans take part in wildlife-related activities, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 

This figure includes a slew of hobbies, including fishing, animal watching and, of course, hunting. 

If you're part of the latter group, you're always looking for ways to make your hunting game even better. We bet you haven't considered adding a folding electric bike to your arsenal. 

Here's why you should consider it.

1. You'll Move Stealthily

One of the biggest dilemmas facing a hunter is how to get in position quietly. 

Whether you have a duck blind or a deer stand to reach, you have to trek there silently. Otherwise, you might scare off the game in the area. 

Some hunters might choose to drive ATVs, as the large vehicles can handily carry all of their hunting gear. However, four-wheelers can be too noisy.

Walking can be a viable, quiet option, too. However, there's a problem when it comes to carrying everything you need. Your stuff might be too heavy to haul. 

camouflage folding electric bike is the perfect balance between these two options. It can get you to your destination much more quietly without leaving you to carry everything you need. 

2. You Can Cover Almost Any Terrain

E-bikes have grown more popular in recent months, whether or not people are hunters. 

And that's because these bikes can handle just about any terrain. This is good news for commuters and joyriders, of course. But it's also great for you, a hunter who needs to trek across rough natural landscapes. 

A folding fat tire bike — along with many other types of electric bicycles — can handily cross all different types of terrain. You'll be surprised how far into the wilderness you can go on your new set of wheels. You might even find yourself hunting in spots you hadn't been able to reach before. 

And, of course, you'll do it all with ease, thanks to the electricity that powers your ride. 

3. You'll Carry Your Game With Ease

At the end of a long day of hunting, you'll hopefully have something to bring home with you. But hauling big game is tough, especially if you're on your own. Sometimes, it takes at least two people to carry a deer out of the woods. 

With an electric bike — especially one outfitted with a trailer — you can do it all on your own. And you don't have to worry about hurting your back or otherwise putting yourself in danger by doing the job all by yourself. 

Once the deer or other animal is loaded onto the bike, you won't struggle to move, either. Instead, you'll have a quick journey back home. 

Hunt With a Folding Electric Bike

These are only three of the many benefits to come if you start hunting with a folding electric bike. So, start your search for the right ride today. 

We can help — our All Terrain Defiant bike comes in camo, making it the perfect hunting vehicle. Check it out, along with our other e-bikes, to find the perfect one for you. 

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