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Visit a nearby dealer to take a test drive. Before you buy, try it.

Don't wait to make an internet purchase. Experts will assist you in selecting the ideal e-bike to bring home right now. You'll feel more confident and at ease after your test ride.

Try Before You Buy

Before you buy it, try it out on a test ride. This gives you the chance to examine the bike in person, learn about the weight and size options of each ebike along with all of its components, speak with experts who have first-hand knowledge, and select the best match for you!

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To ensure that you are prepared to ride when you come, make an online appointment and complete and sign the release waiver.

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Before taking a test ride, familiarize yourself with each model and its characteristics to ensure your comfort.

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Step-through and regular frames are available for Jupiter Bike models. Choose the size that fits you the best by trying them on.

Obtain Expert First-Hand Support

We can answer any of your inquiries because we have extensive first-hand experience and a wealth of knowledge about e-bikes.

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