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Jupiter Bike Turns Heads and Wheels at the 2018 Florida RV Super Show


Last week, Jupiter Bike headed over to the Florida State Fairgrounds to show off our stuff amongst the RV set at the 2018 Florida RV Super Show. It was the 33rd year for this event, and we were proud to be a part of it.


RV’s make for a fantastic way to see the country, but it can be a burden to tow along a smaller car or truck to use while you’re seeing America from coast to coast. That’s why we felt it would be a great opportunity to show RV owners how the Jupiter Bike can make getting around campsites or running errands so much easier.


When it comes to campsites, they can be remote and when you forget something, moving the camper or RV can be a big inconvenience. We were happy to make some happy campers at our booth at the 2018 Florida RV Super Show while we showed them just how convenient it is to use a Jupiter Bike around campsites. Since the Jupiter Bike can be folded up to fit compact spaces, it’s easy to stow in an RV’s storage space without taking up much room at all, which leaves plenty of room for all the other necessities.


Nearby many RV stations, there are restaurants, cafes and other places to explore so stowing a Jupiter Bike on your RV is a great idea. It’s a less cumbersome way to get around, more eco-friendly, and you can simply fold it up when you go inside places of business. The Jupiter Bike app just launched too, allowing you to check your speed, battery and more from your phone. The Jupiter Bike cell phone holder makes it easy to ride hands-free while monitoring your stats on the app too. Check out our video to see how Jupiter Bike fits your life with an RV!


We hope you had a chance to come see us while we were there, but if not, stay tuned! We’ll be heading out to spread the word about how the Jupiter Bike fits your life in a place nearby you soon!

Rob D.

Rob D.

Rob brings his technical background to the electric bike business. Inspired by the revolutionary design of the JupiterBike, Rob uses his engineering and management background to help translate customer recommendations to real bike improvements. "This is a great product, it's fun having a product that really 'wows' the customer!" Rob enjoys working with all parts of the business, he loves showing the bike off at events, enjoys working with the web design and marketing teams, and plays a major role in overall strategy for the JupiterBike.