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Study Finds E-Bikes Boost Brain Health in Older Adults


The light in our minds tends to fade as we get older. This can lead to a variety of negative repercussions such as low self-esteem, loneliness, and depression.  

A clinical study conducted by a team from two respected universities in the UK shows that older adults who ride E-bikes have improved brain function and a better sense of well-being (compared with riders of standard bicycles and non-riders). 

The study conducted by researchers from the University of Reading and Oxford Brookes University was designed to test both cognitive and psychological benefits of outdoor cycling. The baseline for the study was long held understanding that both outdoor stimulation and exercise provide tangible health benefits while helping to prevent age-related cognitive decline. 

100 adults between the age of 50 to 83 were divided into three groups: traditional bike riders, e-bike riders, and non-riders. The two riding groups were instructed to ride 30 minutes per day three times per week for a period of two months.  

Researchers were surprised to find that e-bike riders excelled in follow-up cognitive tests demonstrating advanced processing speed and an improved sense of well-being. A heightened sense of confidence for e-bike riders was one of the clear factors revealed in the study. “The e-bike enabled them to explore their local area and interact with people and the natural environment secure in the knowledge that they could rely on power assisted support to get them home safely and stress-free,” said researcher Tim Jones, Ph.D. 

The study also showed that e-bike riders rode more extensively than their traditional-bike peers putting more time in the pedals than the 30-minute requirement. 

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The full study can be found in the PLOS One Journal. 

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Paul C.

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