Dealer Spotlight - November '22 - JupiterBike

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Dealer Spotlight - November '22


Bob’s Bike Shop - 3855 S. Ridgewood Ave - Port Orange, FL 32129

Each month, we will be highlighting one of our authorized Jupiter Electric Bike dealers and for the month of November we are headed to the east coast of Florida to Bob’s Bike Shop in Port Orange.

There’s a rich history when you walk in Bob’s Bike Shop which dates back nearly 50 years. “It started as a Western Auto store originally in 1973 and then Bob switched half of the store to Bob’s Bike Shop two years later,” says Michael Saye, who is the store’s owner.

“After that, we added a bar on one side with bikes on the other and it stayed that way for about 20 years, before Bob decided to close the bar and go full on bikes,” added Saye.

Reviews for Bob’s Bike Shop show appreciative customers who love the local service and expertise provided by the employees. One customer stated, “I am glad I found these guys. They have always been in the same location. Mike, the manager has always gone above and beyond – they always do repairs while I wait, and they always charge less than expected.”  “We have a ton of repeat customers who have been coming here their whole life,” says Saye. “They’re quick to tell us about purchasing their first bike in this store when they were kids. They feel comfortable in the shop and now they’re bringing in their own kids."

When asked about the rise in popularity of electric bikes, Saye was enthusiastic. “It’s absolutely revolutionizing the industry. It’s real and it’s here to stay”, said Saye. “Once people ride them, they love them. I tell everybody (not jokingly) that electric bikes are the best things since sliced bread, because you can go faster, you can go further, and you have more fun.”

“I refer to our electric bikes as the fountain of youth.”

Saye points out that the only exception might be the real hard core road biker, “because, that specific person may never feel like they get the same workout on an electric bike.”

“But, other than that individual, everybody else who rides can get on an electric bike and still feel good – still get the exercise they are looking for, still get out in the fresh air, and it’s just so much fun,” said Saye. “I’ve had so many people tell me, literally, ‘thank you, thank you,’ because I had to give up riding the beach five years ago because maybe they feel like they are too old now or they don’t have the strength to do what they were once able to,” added Saye. “I refer to our electric bikes as the fountain of youth!

Saye told us some people are shopping for electric bikes at Bob’s Bike Shop due to increasing gas prices or changing life situations. “There are a lot of different reasons, but the bottom line is they are selling,” says Saye. “And the reason is, everybody who rides them loves them. They almost always come back from a test ride with a huge smile on their face. Time and time again,” added Saye. “The test drive on an electric bike is your greatest sales tool.”

When asked about Bob’s most popular items, Saye said beach cruisers and trikes are popular items because of the location served. “The Jupiter Electric Bike products like the Defiant and Atlas are also very popular with beach riders,” added Saye. When asked about opinions he would share with dealers considering carrying the Jupiter Bike products, Saye said, “Jupiter Electric Bikes has been a good company to work with, especially when it comes to pricing. By pricing, I mean that Jupiter Bikes doesn’t set one price for dealers and then offer it to the public for a much lower price the next day (and there are companies that do that). Jupiter Bikes does not do that,” added Saye. 

“The team at Jupiter Electric Bikes is also responsive and easy to work with. The Jupiter Bike is a great value product as well – a great bang for your buck, if you will,” added Saye. “When you ride a Jupiter Bike, you find out that it handles very well, and this is one of the reasons it sells very well.”

For more information, visit Bob’s Bike Shop

To become an authorized Jupiter Electric Bikes dealer, visit our website or contact Forrest Fleming at (813) 886-3456 Ext. 310.

Look for future dealer profiles in the months to come.

Paul C.

Paul C.

Paul Crutcher is Director of Marketing and Digital Content for Jupiter Electric Bikes. His resume includes more than 20 years working in radio and television. Paul was both writer and director for a feature-length documentary film. He served on the national governing board for College Broadcasters and spent over a decade in the classroom as a faculty instructor teaching Mass Communications and Media Studies.