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Jupiter Bike v. 2.OH-YEAH!


If you didn’t already love the Jupiter Bike, you’re going to flip for our new and improved JupiterBike v2.0.  To be totally cheesy, it’s out of this world!

We all know by now that what makes the Jupiter Bike stand out is it’s lightweight aluminum alloy frame and circular design that helps distribute the weight equally rather than around a single horizontal girder.  I mean, how many bikes do you see that look like the start of a solar eclipse?  Not many!   And speaking of eclipses, checkout our new limited edition black and white Eclipse Jupiter Bike.  It has style and (solar) flare! However, the new improvements are more than cosmetic.  The newest release is stronger, safer, and even more durable

First up, they added aluminum reinforcement inside the handle bars.  The new handle bars make you feel more in control when steering the bike, and they did this without sacrificing the bike’s weight.  It’s still as light as before but feels much sturdier.   

Second, they added reinforced bearings.  I used to play roller derby so I know a thing or two about bearings, and bearings are one of the most important things in gaining speed and mobility.  I’ve spent many hours nerding out with other skaters about what bearings will get you going faster and provide a smoother experience.   I got to play with these new reinforced bearings and, ya’ll, they are so smooth!  Not to mention how long they roll.  I’m so glad Jupiter Bike improved their bearings, it makes for a much more enjoyable swift  ride.  Also, the worst thing that can happen to your bearings is that they rust from water exposure.  That is why it’s so important that the wheels are in waterproof casing.  These babies won’t rust on you. 

Finally, the new bike features improved braking.  When you can go from 0 to 15mph, brakes are very important.  The new brakes are faster and stronger than before.  This is also really useful because the bike can easily go up inclines of 15º, and the new brakes make it safer when you are heading back down that hill.  

The Jupiter Bike is going places, and you should check it out!

Liz T.

Liz T.

Full stack web developer, former expat, recovering film academic, tech nerd and electric bike enthusiast.