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Jupiter Bike Field Day at the Sun n’ Fun Fly-in


The annual Sun n’ Fun Fly-in and Expo was the place to be in Lakeland early this April. The event has been taking place every year ever since 1974. For Jupiter Bike, we knew we couldn’t miss the chance to be part of the tradition. We cruised over to catch the latest aircraft as well as classics in flight. It’s worth a visit every year just to catch the Blue Angels, though the entire event is a must-visit for people of all ages.

During the event, we partnered up with Logical Learning Lab and were honored to allow military personnel there for the show to use 5 of our Jupiter Bikes so they could get around the massive event space. Jupiter Bike is perfect for pilots, both military and civilian, because it can make short work of those long runways.

Needless to say, they loved the Jupiter Bike! The way it folds up and the lightweight design makes it easy for any pilot to stow on board in seconds with no trouble at all. Plus, it’s fun to ride! Jupiter Bike received plenty of attention, and while we can’t fly yet, we certainly made it easy for those with wings to get around on ground that much faster. We can’t wait to go back next year!

Jenn R.

Jenn R.

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