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Jupiter Bike Event Prep 101


Event Prep 101

Events can be stressful, but if you’re prepared, they’ll be no sweat and displaying the Jupiter Bike properly will draw a lot of positive attention and curious eyes! Here are some handy tips to get through your next event as a winner!

Know exactly what you want

Before you begin any event ask yourself and your team, “What are we trying to accomplish?” It’s important to take the time to think it through and decide: do you want leads, awareness, customer relationships, or market leadership?

Stand up and be ready

You’re excited about The Jupiter Bike. But if you sit all day, you don’t exactly exude the vibe of someone that wants to share it with the world. So, get out front and mingle with the people. This is the fun part! Show them how it works with full on demonstrations. Let them take a test ride. Make friends and enjoy this time. Set up your booth table so it’s out of the way and allows for maximum test ride space.

Always use the most assertive form of media

Nothing is better than face-to-face interaction. An event is the ultimate opportunity to get lots of prospects and customers in the same room for face-to-face interactions. The Jupiter Bike is an incredible product and once people see it and experience it, it’s really easy to get them excited about it too. When you can’t make an event, contact your leads with phone calls, impact mailers, direct social media messages and email, however know that with something like our product, being able to show the public what it can do and how it works is all to your advantage and can even lead to closing a sale with someone who didn’t even have initial awareness of The Jupiter Bike.

Stand out from the crowd

Location is everything so try to score a good location at every event, one that allows an area for giving out test rides. You’ll want to try to set up a test track so people can get the full experience of The Jupiter Bike. And no matter where you’re located at the event, choose unique color schemes to draw attention to your booth. Data-driven targeting and social media strategy helps us to stand out. Let the bikes speak for themselves too. They should be prominently displayed in as many colors as possible and one should be folded up next to one that is open too.

And the biggest key?

Give really truly amazing presentations!

You’ve only got a few seconds to make a great first impression, so use your time wisely to get people interested and get them buying. What we’ve found to work at trade shows we’ve attended is to show The Jupiter Bike folded up next to an open and ready-to-go one, giving demonstrations, and allowing rides on a test track set up at the booth really make all the difference.

And don’t forget to compile a list of leads from the event so you can contact them with a follow-up email. The key to trade show success isn’t a never-ending budget or decades of experience. It’s really about information management -- streamlining and centralizing trade show details to help you when something goes wrong so you can work on constantly improving to make things better and better all the time.



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