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The Suncoast Boat Show


The Jupiter Bike boldly goes where no bike has gone before, and for its first time at Sarasota’s, Suncoast Boat Show, a resounding shock and awe resonated with the people at this great event. Nestled alongside the Blue Water Group, a title sponsor for the event, the Jupiter Bike took hundreds of people for one heck of a ride! “It’s so much fun!” and, “Wow, that is so cool!” was standard amongst other things that were said about the world’s smallest foldable, electric bike. The laughter and smiles swirled between riders and if the mission was to bring the fun, well, mission accomplished. 



On a beautiful sunny, mid-seventy’s day, people from all over the country came to the event. Within minutes of partnering with Blue Water Group and setting up, people couldn’t help but stop and ask, “What is that?” and the Diamond Tech Team didn’t disappoint. The team explained the features of the Jupiter Bike and showed riders how to you (open, operate) the throttle and electric brake. Another common inquiry following the explanation was a puzzled, “No peddles?” That’s right, fully electric, the Jupiter bike, with just the press of a button, will go twenty miles per hour for an astounding range of fifteen miles on a single charge! This was then usually met with a jaw dropped face and bag drop. 

The innovative design and electric power was something to get used to. With variable speeds, the riders, like with any throttle, eventually got used to the design of the bike. Powered by a brushless hub motor, just like the electric cars you see on the road today, riders were propelled to a speed and a smile. 

After a few laps, the Diamond Tech Team had difficulty getting people off the Jupiter Bike to let other riders have a turn! Of course, after a test ride, many purchased them to take home or to put on their boat, motorhome, anywhere really. This is another unbelievable advantage to the Jupiter Bike. It’s the world’s smallest foldable, electric bike at just over twenty pounds, an astounding six-teen pounds lighter than the closest competitor. It folds up small enough to fit in your backpack, as well.  It was a coveted, take-home prize at the show! 

At an extremely competitive price point, usually half the price of the competition, if not more, people had no problem taking home the Jupiter Bike. A lot of careful time and value was put into making the bike. Boasting one of the highest quality batteries on the market, an LG, Li-ion battery, trusted and powerful, combined with a high-strength, lightweight aluminum frame, the Jupiter Bike leaves riders wanting more. 

Overall, the short trip from HQ in Tampa to Sarasota, FL., the Suncoast Boat Show and the partnership with Blue Water Group was a huge success all Teams involved. As the day went on, the fun kept going and the sun kept shinning for all those who attended the event. Happy to have been a part of it all, The Diamond Tech Team cannot thank, everyone, enough who took a ride on the Jupiter Bike and who took part in adding to the great success of the show. It is safe to say, that the bike that boldly goes where no bike has gone before will be here for a while and will continue to beg the question; “You wanna try it?” 

Logan M.

Logan M.

Written by SOCIORATIO, CEO, Logan Morello, proud partner of Diamond Tech and the Jupiter Bike. Thank you to Rob Daniels and the rest of the Diamond Tech Team, excited for much more to come!