Dual Spring Leather Seat with LED Taillight and Adapter Kit - JupiterBike

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Dual Spring Leather Seat With LED Taillight And Adapter Kit

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Designed with comfort, safety and durability in mind, this bicycle seat is a welcomed upgrade to your Jupiter Bike or any bike for that matter.

  • High density foam reduces friction, thus providing for a comfortable ride
  • Dual suspension ball springs improve shock absorption giving you a smoother ride
  • The middle groove opening increases breathability and comfort
  • The seat has a wear resistant, anti-scratch microfiber surface
  • For worry-free and safe riding at night, in foggy weather or anytime, the seat comes equipped with a red LED taillight with 3 modes: solid, flashing and snake
  • The red LED taillight is waterproof
  • The seat can be mounted on any standard bike and includes an adapter post and quick release designed specifically for the non-standard Jupiter Bike frame
  • The adjustable rails allow you to position the seat for your riding comfort