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  Great Bike

By daniel.feeney on March 07, 2024

I've only had it for a couple days, but this bike is incredibly well built! It's clear that they really care about the quality of their products. It rides and functions really well. Exactly as I expected.

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  Best Value Best Performance

By gilstanden on June 10, 2023

The Discovery X7 is the best value, best performance, best engineered ebike. Period. I've tested many. I am 260 lbs and can commute to/from work 30 miles in moderately hilly Missouri terrain with battery to spare and never ever thermal engine cutoff. IThe 6-speed gearing works very well with the 3 pedal assist levels allowing dial-in of whatever amount motor or human power you want to use and you can always dial-in a "natural cadence" where the motor and human power are perfectly in harmony. I had. Discovery x5 which I loved and commuted on for a year, but because I am 260 lbs 6'2" I opted to upgrade to X7 for the longer 45" wheelbase bec on some hills my weight caused the front wheel to be very light off the ground. The X7 is the perfect bike at a relatively amazing price.

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  Great Customer Service

By a_lichatz on December 27, 2022

I had a problem that seemed likely to be costly to me. I spoke to Sabrina who put me in touch with Will in support. We worked through my problem and their turn around time was amazing. Being it was Christmas week I thought it would take much longer. I had the need part in 2 days. Thank you so much. I are going to purchase another bike from JUPITER.! THANK YOU AGAIN

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  JupiterBike Discovery X7

By MICHAEL S. on August 05, 2022

This is one fantastic product, period! I’ve owned a Discovery X5 since 2018 and it has been flawless, but I decided I wanted to upgrade to the larger size with the derailleur capability and 20” tires. I ordered the bike on Monday and it arrived on Thursday! It took longer to cut up the carton for recycling then it did to set up the bike!! As recommended, I put a full charge on the battery before I took my first ride and when ready for that ride, all systems operated perfectly and I’m simply delighted with its performance. I own two other full size electric bikes costing considerably more but decided I no longer wanted to deal with the trailer hitch set up, etc. for my 1,000 mile Winter drive to Florida and back, but rather to simply fold up this baby and put it in the SUV, protected from the elements. In short, it’s not necessary to spend thousands of dollars for an electric bike, and especially a folding one, to enjoy the health and pure relaxation benefits of riding an electric bike.

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  Great bike, great company

By ds.snyder.syr on January 05, 2022

We bought two of these bikes and couldn't be more pleased. My wife at 5'4" loves hers. I catch her goofing around and playing Speed Racer on corners. I'm 6'1" and this bike is at it's limit. It's still an easy ride. It's smooth and the controls are easy to use. In 10 minutes the bikes were out of the box and ready to pedal. After the battery charged up it was 100%. This is a great e-bike to run to the store or to the beach. The frame is rugged and a neat design. Plan an extra few minutes for your ride time because people will be asking about your bike. The height adjustment for the handle bar is limited to the bar rotation (no post adjustment). This hasn't been a problem, just an observation. It's still a 5 star product. Customer service is exceptional. Communications were clear and they delivered as promised. This is a reliable team. I could get long winded here. Just go to my Google post for more.

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  JupiterBike's fantastic experience

By dbiren1 on October 05, 2021

My wife and I ride a Jupiter Discovery X5, she has the white and I the orange model. Tampa Bay is awesome to ride in the parks and trails. So I also bought the DEFIANT, and it is mind blowing and affordable. The Technicians at their Tampa headquarters took pride and detail in helping me adjust my e-bike. A fantastic experience. Thanks JupiterBike staff!!!

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  A great bike!

By Keith N. on May 07, 2021

We bought a pair of these in Florida while at the air show. They are a BLAST! My wife and I hadn't been on bicycles in over 10 years. We both love riding them. They are very portable, and easy to fold. They weigh 50lbs, but seem more heavy when you are throwing them in a trunk, or hatchback. They are great for the RV, and will probably use them around the airports as well. Both my kids (18 and 20 years old) have finally learned to ride a bicycle because of these bikes. I am very happy with them. They are getting a lot more use than I EVER thought they would. Two thumbs up!

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  Love the Bikes.. I have the X7 and my wife has the X5

By loruss1 on April 21, 2021

Jim has been a great help. The bikes are doing wonderful

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  My X-7

By carsonworld on March 03, 2021

Great bike. Easy to load in back of van. Fast enough to keep up with my Defiant bike too.

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By cathywalker2005 on February 26, 2021

My husband got me the Discovery X7 for Christmas this year. We went to Texas for a month and rode it a lot while there. It’s a fun easy bike to ride. Easy to fold and great for travel. Very happy with my bike and love the fast and great customer service.

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