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  Great Bike

By buerklep8484 on May 17, 2024

We love this bike-so much so that we purchased another one and have recommended to our neighbors.

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  Good service

By mendezmendez002 on February 08, 2024

Every time I have gone to buy an electric bicycle all the sellers are friendly and always helpful and help me with what I need

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  Jupiter Defiant

By derekpappalardo8 on February 08, 2024

Great customer service, Will and Neal made the process very easy and delightful.

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  Great bike for the price. Heavy duty and very durable.

By rtwochacha on July 18, 2023

I have been riding a friends Jupiter for a couple months. He has several e bikes in different styles and sizes and I'm trying them before I buy one. I really love the way this bike rides and handles. This bike is a little over a year old and has about 3,000 miles on it. At the moment the only issue is it needs the brakes replaces and the battery is just now starting to fail. On a full charge the bike just shuts off on it's own as soon as the meter reaches 3 bars. It's white but I really wanted a camo one. So I need to make a decision, buy this one used and refurbish it myself or buy one refurbished already. Either way love this bike. It is so much fun and will go just about anywhere. My friend even somehow rode it to work when it was icy out and had no problems. To me that is very impressive and the company stands by their product.This was the second e bike that I've ridden the first being an Lectric XPedition which is a whole other beast and I instantly fell in love with this Defiant. Some people complain about the noise from those beefy tires but I love it. Great job Jupiter!!!

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  Motorcycle e-bike

By mbenson10128 on June 16, 2023

Love ❤️ my bike I got mines up to 29mph on a straight surface. & did up to 5 Miles before I wasted 1 bar on battery 🔋 still had 4 more left and that was throttle only would of got more if I had used pedal assist. Great 👍 bike worth it even refurbished you covered for a year awesome Father’s Day gift 🎁

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  Defiant Pro & Defiant

By boystop2011 on May 31, 2023

“Good Looks” to the whole staff they took good care of me & my wife Brought 2 yesterday for me and my wife. And they even gave us the new unreleased “Defiant Pro” 1st in my city with it ask the company!!!! We coming back for 2 more for my kids so tell the owner too hit me with a good number “Asap” ❤️Fatboi&Cris

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  Must Have

By Moye H. on May 01, 2023

I ride my defiant everywhere. I take it hunting and to the beach. It easily folds up and fits in the back of my jeep. Solid built bike!

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  Jupiter Customer Service

By jmbo92 on February 13, 2023

A huge shout out to Josh and Hailey at Jupiter Bikes for helping me throughout the buying process and getting my bikes shipped out quick! I was turned off by Alpha E Bikes after placing my order with them at Javits and not receiving any follow up or answering my e-mails and calls about my order. Deal direct with Jupiter, they won't let you down! And they shipped out NEXT DAY! Josh listened to my concerns about Alpha and did the right thing in getting me my bikes! Would absolutely reccomend JUPTERBIKE.COM.

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  Defiant Review

By tbip on July 14, 2022

After a little over a year my review of the Defiant... I have spent more time on my bike that I ever have, it brought the fun back to biking. With a few very minor tweaks it became even more solid: - Kinect Seat-Post for an even smoother ride - Snow Air Fork - Brooks Seat You can go a pretty good distance on level 1, approximately 30 to 40 miles depending on the terrain. Overall, I highly recommend this VERY SOLID bike and I would definitely buy again. Pound for pound a bargain.

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  3500 miles on her and just about as many smiles

By mooseknuckle51 on June 27, 2022

Six months ago I left this review on Google maps. I can't say enough good about this company and the commitment to quality of product, service and consumer relations. Customer Service has been excellent in answering my questions or concerns usually within a couple hours of email if not the same day... I highly recommend this company and their products... proud owner of a JupiterBike Defiant. Almost 1200 miles on it and looking forward to many more. I now have over 3500 miles on my Defiant and have had a wonderful experience with the Tech Department and Customer Service when any concerns have popped up they have done a good job at addressing my concerns and getting me rolling again.

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  Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

By boatflorida on June 13, 2022

I bought the Discovery X5 (2 of them) for the boat and they do everything we expected. The Discovery X7 is perfect for the RV too. But the Defiant is the preferred choice for my sons (they are in their 30's). Love the support/service as we travel - any bike shop can repair or fine-tune any issues we've experienced.

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  Awesome Bike, Awesome Service, Great RV Bike!!

By tbridges201248 on May 10, 2022

Received my JupiterBike Defiant in 3 days! Bike is all and more of what I had searched for and more! Built like a tank! Customer Service 100% Happy Camper! Thank you Rob!! The E-Bike is way too fast for me, but may have the need for speed to keep up with the kids. Lol. Btw, speed control is adjustable for your safety. I am 345 lbs. Pulls me just fine. Just need a wider seat for bigger chops. Lol The actual seat that comes with it is fantastic for small butted people. I'm 5'5" and the center bar is just perfect to get on or off the bike. Just ordered the cool rear cargo rack to go with it. Oh btw, order the safety chain lock, its awesome! It rides great, but I don't intend to be in a bumpy yard or riding rough trails. So the smoothness of the ride will be fantastic in RV parks and trails. Did many nights and days of research to find the perfect E-Bike for the money and product reviews. This is it"...The Jupiter Defiant". Seriously, thinking 🤔 about buying another Defiant E-Bike for my roommate next week. Kind-a waiting on a discount to come about on the second one. Just hoping 🙏 Very Satisfied Customer!! Thank you for your customer service! Ask for Rob! He's "the man"!!! JupiterBike Company Location: Tampa, FL USA

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  More than expected!

By fladgelator on March 16, 2022

After many hours of research, the Defiant seemed to be the best option of price, features, and very important....the weight! I have mobility issues that make walking any distance (let alone lifting anything) quite difficult. My Defiant gave me a part of my life I sorely missed. Could barely hold back the tears on my test ride. It's totally bad ass! My black beauty is very sexy and really moves in the sand, gravel, dirt, grass, and on the hardtop! I had the opportunity to visit JupiterBike in Tampa while I wintered in Florida. Their customer service was awesome! All I can say is their...CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE BOMB! She was so helpful! She got all the paperwork together and had it put together for me too!!! Nothing but good things to say! The seat is nice!! I also got the upgraded suspension seat post! Anyway I could go on about the great battery life, great shifter, easy read screen, assist levels, and everything else, but you'll find out when you get yours!

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  New to e-bikes! This thing is awesome!

By dieseldoug08 on November 03, 2021

Was at the Ft. Lauderdale boat show last week. I bought the first Defiant as it was the display model from the show…. It had a damaged fork from shipping but still rides as is… they are sending me the new part…. So I can say they stand by the product and great people to deal with... bike is solid and fast and well built…. Only reason why I bought it was because the new sales girl they hired was probably the prettiest woman I’ve seen! I was just like take my money! Lol. All jokes aside great company!

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  Great investment, great fun

By shaggypf99 on October 07, 2021

After a little time, the Defiant arrived. Had to take for a test run. Way better than I expected. If you're looking for an e-bike, this is the route to go. Thank you JupiterBike!!

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  Love it

By klknschneider on October 05, 2021

Looked and shopped for a long time before choosing JupiterBike's Defiant. So happy with my choice and great company to deal with. God bless.

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  Much Better than Expected!!

By cedoman on September 30, 2021

It's an awesome, good looking fat tire e-bike. Handles very well and has an impressive amount of torque! I was concerned about front shocks but the 4" tires provide enough cushion for a nice stable ride. Perfect for me in the city and not heavy at all ( considering its size) to get it up to my 3rd floor apartment. Pocket rocket for sure!

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  4 Months and 400 miles on a Defiant

By Danny V. on July 20, 2021

I bought two bikes at Sun and Fun airshow in March. I ride somewhere about everyday. This bike is fast and fun. I did go to the Tampa shop for some adjustment issues and was very satisfied by the customer support of Megan and Jim. The mechanic was exceptional that did the work. This bike is an eye catcher, so if you do buy one be prepared to answer questions wherever you ride. I throttle all the time and my wife likes to peddle so the best of both worlds. Thanks Jupiter Bike for a beautiful product.

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  JupiterBike Defiant Electric Bike

By Nazim G. on July 12, 2021

I ride this bike everywhere and every single day. The huge tires make me feel extra safe while riding as well as provide a fun joy ride in the sand, dirt, grass, etc. I am so happy I invested in this bike - thank you!

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  Love this eBike!

By kledfl on July 08, 2021

It is just the right size and easy to ride.

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  Awesome EBikes! Awesome Company!

By jonalthouse on June 28, 2021

I have purchased 2 Discovery X5's and 1 Defiant! I love all three! They are very well built and a joy to ride. Megan is awesome for any customer support you may have! I highly recommend Jupiter if you are interested in purchasing an ebike!

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  Awesome E-Bike

By nivek5841 on June 25, 2021

Ppl always asking me where I get it from and it's a nice looking bike, and it's very fast and reliable battery last a long time ⌛ a must buy best money I've spent on something in a longtime! Jupiter needs to put more Advertisements out and YouTube Videos up on this Bike‼️

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  My grocery getter

By jamesfenner50 on May 23, 2021

I am a veteran ,disabled and have difficulty walking.This product has given my freedom back to me.I mounted a milk crate to the bike rack.i call it my grocery getter.i can put fifty pounds of canned goods in the crate,and hang twenty pounds of bags on the bars.Thanks Jim ,and your team .This gets me to the VA hospital in any weather.I wore my Carhartt coveralls in blizzard like conditions to get my Covid 19 vaccine.All if the people who are me compliment me on my bike.In a town full of Harleys,this bike is respected and accepted.btw,I am 370 pounds with out coat,coveralls and boots.Great job.I just wish it was made in the USA.oh I broke my light.Called Jim ,he made it right for this veteran

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By Danny V. on May 14, 2021

Thanks Todd and Megan for getting both my Defiant bikes repaired in your Tampa shop. I drove four hours and very grateful to drive home with both bikes repaired. Jim you have a fun product and service in Jupiter bikes. Thanks again

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  Perfect for everyday riding or bike trails

By re909 on March 28, 2021

I was looking for a folding e-bike that was compact but still have ranged and power. Then I discovered the Defiant. This bike has it all. Compact, powerful and stylish. I truly love this bike and looking to putting in hundreds of miles.

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  Beast of a bike

By Jeffrey C. on March 10, 2021

I'm not a new to electric bikes, I have a few. The Defiant e-bike surprised me. a strong frame and gears, and a 750 watt motor that speeds you down the road quickly. The fat tires really hugs the road, and a kickstand that actually holds the bike upright. A very good product.

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By Wayne W. on February 26, 2021

Good bike with or without the electric assist. Larger tires make good on the beach and for rough terrain. Battery lasts a longer especially when you are doing some pedaling.

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By Charles R. on January 10, 2021

it nice bike

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  Defiant Bike

By Roger c. on January 09, 2021

I love my defiant bike, it is a heavy duty bike ,750 watt, 20 inches wheels, 55 lbs, foldable and used to have it in the back seat of my toyota camry all the time ,just remove and charge the battery and kept it in my car all the time. Before I had the defiant I bought like two electric bikes,both end up damaged and sit now as junk in my parking garage. I strongly recommend this electric bike ,I have it like 5 months till now and have like 2200 miles in total on it. It is fun and reliable as an electric bike and you can go like 35 miles very easily on it per battery charge and you can enjoy a very comfortable and smooth ride on it. Thanks Roger

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By jamesfenner50 on January 08, 2021

This bike is a dream come true.Im a disabled veteran that has troubles walking.This beast carries my 300lbs with ease.It is an eye catcher also.Here in South Dakota ,the weather changes all the time.Jupiter bike Defiant weather's all storms.It handles the cold like a polar bear.It handles heat and rain also.I would recommend this machine to anyone.Its a bargain when you compare it .Buy one and you'll be very happy.Plus ,the service is instantaneous.My light got damaged.It was replaced in no time.signed Moose.

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By goheenbecca on January 08, 2021

I love my Defiant Ebike. It is comfortable, dependable, durable, and takes me where I want to go. Such a beautiful thing. You can pay a lot more, but will not get a much better bike. I own a white one, they now sell camaflouge too. I like white for visibility. I recommend this bike; too much fun!

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  Great Bike!

By Wayne W. on January 08, 2021

I am very pleased with my Defiant Electric Bike. Lots of power when I need it. Also operates as a regular bike with smooth shifting when you need it. Great on the beach with the fat tires going through the sand much better than I expected. With the aid of the electric power, you can ride in grass and soft dirt with little effort. I like my bike!

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