Atlas Folding Electric Step Through Bike

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The Atlas Electric Bike brings top of the line performance, comfort, and style to your next bike ride. With large wheels and a low stepover, this bike effortlessly rides over roots, uneven pavement, and anything the road puts in your path. The powerful motor and extra large battery gives you exceptional power and distance. All this while still able to be folded to fit in your trunk. Upgrade your ride with the amazing Atlas Folding Electric Bike.

Customer Reviews

Why should people ride an electric bike?

Firstly, they are fun! There is nothing quite like the feeling of the extra boost and speed you get from an electric powered bicycle. I’ve been commuting and riding one for more than ten years and I still get a smile on my face every time I ride. Most people think that riding an electric bicycle will make you un-healthy or is “cheating”. But it is just not so. People ride and exercise based on their personality. Ask any ebike owner if they are in better shape after they bought an ebike – the answer will be yes!

How can an electric bike impact positively on your life?

Electric bikes can change your life. It sounds cliché, but it’s true. They are genuinely a transformative product. They will help you become more active and stay healthy. Ebikes are not like fad diets or a new gym membership that you stop using, they become part of your life, sustainable and continuing to provide you pleasure and health benefit over the long term.

What is driving the electric bike market and how does JupiterBike fit into those forces?

By 2030, urban areas will be home to more than 60% of the projected world population of 8 billion people. This will put tremendous pressure on the environment, as well as public infrastructure that is already struggling to meet the growing demand for transportation and basic services. Congestion, lack of parking space and poor air quality are rendering today’s automobiles, and the internal combustion engine in particular, unsustainable as the core of personal urban transportation. Inevitable pressure on urban populations and health is driving a paradigm shift in awareness and adoption of sustainable personal electric urban transport. And that’s where JupiterBike comes in!

Why does a JupiterBike feel and ride so comfortably when it looks so different?

Bicycles are for people, not orangutans. Many bicycles and designers just don’t get that point – take a look at any futuristic bike design and you will see that the designers are contemplating a customer that is a new species of humanoid usually with extremely long arms, super short legs, and a very supple back. There are some things you just can’t change, like the way people are made! Bicycles need to be comfortable and so the touch points – handlebars, seat, pedals, front wheel, and rear wheel all need to fit the human body!