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  Its more capable than you think!

By amblandfy on January 15, 2024

I've rode 300 miles so far and this has handled everything I put it through. I'm 5'8" 160lbs and its a perfect fit for me. I bought an extra battery, suspension seat post, and cargo rack. I bought a seat for the cargo rack and my girlfriend sits on that and we rode 8 miles around a lake on one charge without me pedaling at all. that's a total of 300ish pounds on this bike and it handled very well. it was so fun!

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  Good option for a rider with limited endurance

By reeves7005 on November 25, 2023

I purchased one for my wife to accompany me on grueling trails (16 miles with a 2000 foot elevation gain) and ended up buying one for myself. She is 5-7 and has to lower the seat completely. I am 6-4 and find it a comfortable fit. I have installed short stems on both to improve steering and a dropper seat post on mine. I carry an extra battery in a backpack for my wife. The ride would be comparable to an inexpensive trail bike, but the gear ratio is such that I can ride most trails (even black diamond) without the motor which is important for where ebikes are not allowed. The frame and wheels have endured extremely rugged trails.

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  Excellent electric bike

By chihlinglin on October 20, 2022

We got the defiant fat tire bike before and we loved it so much, so I decided to get this Summit bike to my husband again. Fast shipment and awesome customer service from Josh! Happy to introduce my friend for Jupiter bike too!

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  Nice electric bike

By jasonnyk on October 18, 2022

I love Jupiter Bike so much! We got the Defiant Fat tire bike before and we liked it a lot, then we decided to get the Summit too with our friends together. Customer service is very good! Fast shipment to NY within a week!

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By Deyrod B. on August 08, 2022

The Summit Electric Folding Bike is ahead of its - Time - every way you can think of from from its design to its 3 fin wheels makes me feel like I have a Mercedes Benz Bike …the battery being hidden in the inside of the bike is a serious game changer...it’s great on tough roads and handles bumps like there not even there...the disc breaks are smooth and definitely work, especially when you are going at a high speed...it has a USB charging port on the side where u turn on and off the bike which will help if your phone is dying or if u using it to make deliveries...super comfortable and I know for sure it goes over 28 mph because I witnessed it…overall everywhere I go I turn heads and people. Can’t believe it’s electric and folding...the folding part makes it very easy to store and it does take up a lot of space so if u want to travel with the bike u could...the bike is everything and more! I’m happy I stumbled upon this bike by ACCIDENT and one of the best things I did! Also, I caught it when it first came -n - still no one has a bike that compares …SUMMIT ELECTRIC FOLDING BIKE FOR THE WIN!!!

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  Summit Love it

By Mariano I. on February 15, 2022

It’s fast and a lot of people ask me where did I buy it! It’s a great bike!😊

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  Great Bike

By fattaleh on March 10, 2021

In looking at e-bikes, I had two main concerns. One was how smoothly the bike applied power assist and two was how much power it could provide going up hills. This bike is great on both fronts. I like to trail ride and the Summit had no problem giving me the needed boost when I realized I didn't have enough speed to get up the hill. Also, I'm only 5' 6", so the need to quickly dismount was a concern. I actually found I was more confident on the Summit than on my full-suspension, 27.5" Specialized trail bike. It's just a fun ride.

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  Love it!

By newman_al on March 10, 2021

I love my Gravity Summit electric mountain bike. Just came back from trail riding at Alafia River State Park and had a blast! There are some challenging trails with big jumps and hairpin corners and the Summit handled them easily. Having the power to accelerate up the hills made it much more fun. Gotta try it!!!

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