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  Attractive, lightweight, very transportable & stowable

By khengswee on September 14, 2021

I own 5 bikes, 2 are electric. And this is by far the one I use most - because of how convenient and lightweight it is. "Throwing" it into the trunk of my small hatchback is a breeze compared to having to wrestle with a bike rack. When I reach my destination, grabbing it out of the car, and unfolding it is equally quick. I added my own seat-post suspension and gel seat to make this bike even more comfortable. I've listed the following pros and cons: Pros: - lightweight, easy to carry in and out of the car. - easy & quick 4-step folding: remove seat, fold pedals, fold frame, fold handlebar stem. - attractive no-weld futuristic-looking rectangular frame - it's nice to have a rear suspension, built-in horn and lights - Was a good value purchase at price Cons: - Small wheel size limits speed when I've maxed out my cadence. - My particular bike suffers from a bad rear brake squealing - Something in the front assembly squeaks every time I hit a bump. A little worrying. - no front fork suspension (not even the X7 has it). - I feel "top heavy" when going downhill at speed. A little scary! - The small battery will run down quickly if you don't pedal and just rely on the throttle. Conclusion: an attractive looking bike to ride around the neighborhood, to commute in the city or just to get out. But watch those downhill speeds. Creaking front frame assembly will need to be further investigated. I'd probably be more comfortable with something slightly bigger like the X7 or Summit. I hope they'll sell in again.

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  For RV’ers..these are PERFECT

By jeff on August 15, 2021

For years we hauled around a clunky golf cart on a really tired of that and decided on an E-bike. Our local surf shop in St Petersburg Beach, FL carried the Jupiter line and when we saw these..especially folded up..we were sold. Sturdy..super comfortable..powerful and long range. The small size will fool you at first, but these little bikes are the real deal. We stash the bikes inside the RV and no longer drag an EZ-GO

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  The X-5 A friend indeed.

By keykeykat1 on July 20, 2021

I was in a bad place for a long time. My wife of 12 years had just walked out on me, or drove out in the Volvo I recently bought. I couldn't drive it, legally, because of a DUI. For driving on Xanax prescribed for a near crippling case of combat PTSD. I had no lisence to drive. The bus was not an option for me. Getting out of the house. Just to check the mail ain't a real picnic for me. I ordered MRE's from to feed myself cuz shopping and hauling on foot home wasn't practical. When I could bare to stand in the Safeway knowing I couldn't cover my own back. I didn't have a team any more. I bought the Jupiter Discovery (I jokingly say Recovery) X-5 After having had limited success baby stepping, like Bill Murray a'la "What about Bob?" and experimenting with cheap electric bikes & scooters. None of which posessed the range needed for me to complete my mission. The X-5 is a game changer. For me. It has the power. The range. The style. It is nimble & powerful. I will never have a team again to watch my back. Because that's how we did in training and war. The X-5 earned all the awards I earned in the Army in my book. For keeping me going through the bad times. I would never salute the machine because if it were a soldier it would surely not be an Officer. More of a ground pounder like I was once. Together we accomplished my mission I made it across town & over the treacherous overpasses & returned safely from the DMV with my new Oregon Drivers Lisence. With battery to spare. I had never been more proud of myself nor impressed with a machine than I was on that day. 11, January. 2021

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By jeffglibert225 on July 20, 2021

Bought the X5 in April, 2020 and just completed 1,000 miles on it. Lots of fun 10-20 mile rides. Quality is excellent- only minor issue was a flat tire. Highly recommend.

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By ekeene53 on June 23, 2021

Love the bike. Easy to ride. Charges fast and folds up nicely and not too heavy for me to load.

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  C. Hayes

By chayes1 on June 06, 2021

Went for my first ride today. This is the perfect bike for me, 66 year old female in reasonably good shape. This bike has just a little assistance that makes all the difference. Love it!

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  Great eBike

By Jeff B. on May 25, 2021

I bought two of these ebikes, one for my wife and the other for me, we love them. We like the fold-up feature and have taken them to several different, paved trails in our area and plan to take them camping this summer. We've also purchased two additional batteries for our upcoming camping trips to be sure we have plenty of power without running a generator to charge them. With 16" tires, and the 350-watt motor, these ebikes have enough power to go most of the places we've taken them. We really like the unique design of these ebikes, we have not found anything we feel is more asthetically pleasing than these Jupiter Discovery X5 Folding Electric Bikes!

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  So Much Fun!

By Thomas Z. on May 12, 2021

Recently got my bike after visiting the home office in Tampa. Came home, bought the bike, and it arrived in 2 days. So easy to set up - 10 minutes max. Impressed with the electric assist. The X-5 goes 16mph and 23mph downhill pedaling. Excellent and enjoyable workout. Goes uphill easily with/without pedaling. Great value as well!

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  Love our e-bikes!

By davidrisler on May 02, 2021

We bought one for me and one for my husband. We have a lovely, rolling hill neighborhood and have had beautiful rides. Soon we will branch out and try some local trails. Both bikes perform amazing, right out of the box. Set up was easy and intuitive. Recommend!

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  Great bike

By sluggermike39 on April 27, 2021

I'm 81 years old and have been looking for an ebike for the last couple years. I'm really impressed with the finish and attention to details. I rode for about in hour in hilly terrain for the first time this afternoon. I was impressed with the power and use of the battery. It only used about 10 % of the battery. I felt like I got a good work out, and I will be using it a lot in the future.

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  We bought 2 and hope to improve our fitness level

By rhitman32 on April 18, 2021

We have had two Discovery X5 bikes for about 2 months and have ridden only a little bit due to the cold weather. We are 68 and 72 year old. We like the bikes. My wife needs some assist as she improves her conditioning level and our terrain is very hilly -- the only flat spots are some of the parking lots. We use the assist on the hills. One drawback is that I am 75" tall and the bike is a little small for me. I will be looking for a longer seat post so that my knee does not hit the horn button. I will also probably replace the seat with something a little larger.

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  Sweet ride! Bought 2.

By dannymestas on April 16, 2021

Bought 2 X5s, one for me and one for my wife. So far they have been great. The both fit perfectly in the back of our 2011 Chevy Equinox. We took them to the park today and these things pull! My wife is not a bike rider, but she had fun on this! The park is surrounded by a 2 mile compacted dirt trail, and the X5s handled it perfectly, also when riding on some low cut grass. Can't wait to buy some accessories for it. One issue that I had was on one of the bikes, the front rotor was rubbing the brake pad out the box. I never adjusted rotor brakes before, but I found the 1 allen bolt that adjusted the tension. It does look like there is a bit of warp in the rotor, but not too much. Not sure if this will be an issue down the road. The other one was perfect out of the box.

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  Discovery X5 Great choice

By cjpino on April 04, 2021

Purchased mine 2 weeks ago. Arrived all in good shape and assembled quickly. Battery was iffy so contacted Jupiter and new battery was immediately provided. Customer service was outstanding and helpful. Highly recommend Jupiter Bikes. The ride is fabulous. Great range. Comfortable seat. Easy to fold and stow in small places (we live in a 23’ long RV).

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  Excellent for Small Space Dwelling!

By bethatkinson8000 on April 02, 2021

I have been wanting a compact bike and this was excellent. It folds and an e bike with pedal assist. On nice days, I will be riding to work.

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  Does it come with a Fender

By riotme2000 on February 21, 2021

I just purchased an X5 from Costco yesterday. Today I opened the box and I’m trying to prepare it so I can use it. I am now charging the battery. I notice no fender inside the box and no tool kit to tighten some of the parts. I don’t know if you have them separately but what I’m assured of is that on the manual cover the fenders were in the photo. I would also be delighted to know if there’s available bag I can purchase just in case I decide to buy an X5 cargo rack?

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  So much Fun!

By Colette L. on February 20, 2021

We are very pleased with the performance of the bike, We can not wait to take them on vacation and on the boat for land transportation. The bike is very well made, you will be very happy with Jupiter standards.

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  Love this bike!

By Teri U. on January 15, 2021

A friend bought from costco and loves it. I had been looking for a foldable e bile. Nice ride. I dont think battery last 30 miles but overall a good bike for the price

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  It ok

By giovanniquijada1987 on January 11, 2021

It ok work fine but my rear light on my chair don’t work 🤦🏽

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By trishl1975 on December 13, 2020

So I recently gained some weight and I have limited physical activity due to some recent Health Issues.. this bike is a awesome way to get yourself back out there and with pedal assist decide how much excersise you can endure along with enjoying the outdoor environment! I weigh passed 200 and the bike had no problem handling my weight! My wife had RA and loved the bike and it easy use and comfortability! Costco has them for 599.00 and they go fast what a steal! Even the 795.00 is a great price! I highly recommend this E bike if you are looking for compact and powerful!

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  Awesome X5

By Alcee Jones Jr. J. on December 03, 2020

I received my X5 the day after Thanksgiving, and I ve been commuting 10mls to and from work, effortlessly!!! This bike is amazing and has never let up. It rained on me one night while commuting from work, and the bike is still going strong days later.... I'm well pleased with this bike!!!!!

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  Best Bang for the Buck

By dwearing on October 28, 2020

We ordered 2 Discovery X5's on Saturday and they arrived on Tuesday! Easy to assemble and fun to ride. My wife and I are 66 years young and looking forward to riding the bike trails around Pinellas and Pasco counties. Also can't wait to try them out in the Smoky Mountains where we rent cabines 3-4 time a year. Being able to fold them is great for travel.

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  New purchase

By david F. on October 27, 2020

Arrived in 2 days. Compact great features. Allows me to ride again after a knee and two hip replacements. I can attend events again... Battledoc/FMF

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  16 Month Followup!

By larry_rigg on July 13, 2020

I and my wife have been riding two of these bikes for 16 months and they are still going strong. I ride mine everyday to the mailbox. Highly recommend!

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  I love this bike!

By rgalloway5 on June 09, 2020

I can’t think of a single thing that I don’t like about this bike. Great quality for the price. Simple & easy to ride. It’s super cool looking! I ride every day just for fun & get ooo’s & awww’s from young & older riders.

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  Love this little bike!

By Janice B. on April 27, 2020

I bought this from Costco at a great price and love it! I went back a few days later and they were all sold out! I have as much power going up our very steep hills outside Seattle as I do with our full sized electric bike. I probably won't use it for long rides since the charge won't last that long but just for short trips it's fantastic, very comfortable and feels quite sturdy and well made. I purchased the rack for it too.

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  Great little bike first impression

By Robert L. on January 11, 2020

Just got the bikes and so far so good. Nice balance between speed assist and exercise. Will use in a few weeks for “distance” ride and will see how it does. Amazing comfortable for small size and maneuverable

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  Jupiter Bike Discovery

By Gary B. on December 17, 2019

this is a great investment and has changed my transportation habits.. no more waiting for a parking spot or sitting in traffic! Works perfect with easy setup and anxious to use it daily... Bought this at the Key West Offshore races Thanks again! Gary

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  commuter bike

By Carl W. on September 12, 2019

Amazing bicycle, a joy to ride. I ride it to work and I don’t sweat. Thanks. Carl W. Miami, FL

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  Great bike

By Mike O. on September 01, 2019

Ordered 2 bikes, one for my wife and one for me. We have a blast riding around town. Very cool design. People always want to know where we got our bikes. Mike O. Palm Desert, CA

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  It caught my eye online

By Jim S. on August 23, 2019

This bike is more than meets the eye. It caught my eye online, but seeing it in my garage is way better! It feels like a great bike, excellent attention to detail. I like the versatility of being able to pedal….or not. This bike will get lots of use in my neighborhood. Jim S. Westerville, Ohio

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  some assembly required

By Phil D. on July 25, 2019

I was worried about unboxing this bike and putting it together, but it was super easy. The bike comes almost completely together and I noticed they have a video on their website. I didn’t even need to watch it. The bike is mostly just folded into the box. I took off all of the wrapping and was riding in minutes. Thank you, Jupiter Bike! Phil D. Bloomington, IL

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  Great bike

By Verna M. on June 17, 2019

I looked at different brands of e-bikes and thought this one seemed like it was the one for me. I am very happy with this purchase and will recommend to my friends.

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  go speed racer :)

By Rocco M. on May 12, 2019

I love this bike!!!! The electric assist is AWESOME!!! Where has this been all my life. I love that I get to adjust the amount of assist from the motor. It allows me to work hard or not work at all. Wow! And it is fast and fun to ride. I love this bike! Marla W. Chesapeake, VA

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By oharovskij on April 03, 2019

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By Larry R. on March 21, 2019

I have been studying folding electric bikes online for 18 months. This is the bike I decided on and after buying two Discovery models from Jupiter Bike in Florida, I am not disappointed! Best design, quality, features, riding stability, comfort, small folding size and an absolute blast to ride. No peddling needed, but it’s there if you need or want it. Bike’s seat is 32” min. from floor, but with purchase of a shorter post, can easily be 28” for shorter legs. Headlight is bright and adjustable, tail light is bright and uniquely built into the bottom of of the most comfortable seat I’ve had on a bicycle. Cool digital display gives all needed info. Cute sounding little horn as well. Battery is easily removable, hidden in frame and key locks in place. I am 75, 6 feet tall at nearly 200 lbs. and the bike has delivered what it promises. I rode for over 2 hours on mostly flat terrain on a 100 degree day in AZ yesterday and still had 58% power when I arrived home. Both my bikes arrived within a week in a well packaged box and in perfect condition. Very highly recommend this bike if you want to put some fun in your life!

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  Stellar Service

By Edna H. on February 05, 2019

I bought a bike and had an issue with my LCD. I called them and they sent me a shipping label to get my bike repaired for me. First class assistance. Rommel V. Tempe, AZ

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