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JupiterBike Factory Tour


Our factory in Wuxi, China is working hard on producing the next shipment of Jupiter Bikes. "We're excited about the improvements in this release", says Mr. Tang, Chief Operations Manager at the Jupiter Bike factory. "We are always looking for ways to make the Jupiter Bike even better." The factory in Wuxi is home to the Jupiter Bike design & engineering team. "Our talented engineers are taking feedback from customers and turning them into improvements for the bike."

A proficient assembly line is at the center of the factory. This line contains 16 assembly stations where technicians piece together each bike from over 300 pieces. Assembly stations have tools to piece together and thoroughly test each component. It's a process that our technicians take pride in, and have become very proficient at. One station has a machine that laser etches the bikes unique serial number into the frame. The serial number is used for product registration, and will help our team take warranty issues back to specific parts vendors.

Ideas from Jupiter Bike owners truly inspire our design team. Some ideas that are actively being worked on include a kickstand, an upgraded deluxe seat, and an extra battery pack for long distance rides. "Creating functional design can be challenging, but it makes it very rewarding when you get it right." says Mr. Tang, "New features must not affect bike folding performance or the beauty of the bike."

One innovation that is launching soon is the Jupiter Bike mobile app.  All bikes are already equipped with Bluetooth, this first release of the mobile app will connect to the bike and give the user information including battery life and travel speed. The app also features anti-theft software that lets you disable the bikes power from your phone.

The Jupiter Bike factory has the structure for success, and the right team and leadership to do phenomenal work. We look forward to receiving more feedback from our users, and working together on new innovations and future releases of the best folding electric bike in the world.

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Rob D.

Rob D.

Rob brings his technical background to the electric bike business. Inspired by the revolutionary design of the JupiterBike, Rob uses his engineering and management background to help translate customer recommendations to real bike improvements. "This is a great product, it's fun having a product that really 'wows' the customer!" Rob enjoys working with all parts of the business, he loves showing the bike off at events, enjoys working with the web design and marketing teams, and plays a major role in overall strategy for the JupiterBike.