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The Time Is Right

It's an exciting time for the e-bike market in general and Jupiter Bike in particular. The electric bike industry is in its infancy with huge growth potential predicted for the next decade. Most Americans are unaware that electric driven bicycles even exist. But this is changing and the market is beginning to catch fire. Thus you, as a Jupiter Bike dealer, are in a position to get in on the ground floor.

Though conventional e-bikes and the Jupiter Bike share some advantages over autos and regular bikes, the Jupiter Bike goes beyond the goal of conventional e-bikes of relieving some of the strain of bicycling, to address the needs of specific market niches. Being light weight, compact and portable, the Jupiter Bike is the ideal choice for busy college students, conscientious urban dwellers, retiring baby boomers and those with limited storage space.

Product Life Cycle Stages

Product Life Cycle

Every product has a product-life-cycle and the Jupiter Bike is no different. There are five stages products go through with varying degrees of sales and profits. The Jupiter Bike team has already taken the bike through the first two stages, product development and introduction, where sales are low and profits are negative. The Jupiter Bike is now in the beginning of the growth stage, the stage where sales and profits increase dramatically. As a Jupiter Bike dealer, the time is right for you to get in on this.

A Growing Market

E-Bike Headline
E-Bike Headline
E-Bike Headline
E-Bike Headline
E-Bike Headline

These a just a few of the headlines from online bike magazines and research groups regarding the growing e-bike market. And here are some of the factors cited for this growth.

  • Increasing urbanization and urban regulations
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Increasing biking infrastructure
  • Inexpensive alternative to driving
  • Meeting the needs of active older Americans

Now add to these the Jupiter Bike advantages.

  • Light weight and easy to carry
  • Increadably small size when folded
  • Quick and easy to fold and unfold
  • Excellent range and power
  • Fun to ride
E-Bike Market Growth

Dealer Support

As a Jupiter Bike dealer, you and your customers will receive outstanding support from the Jupiter Bike team. Our philosophy is that, as a dealer, your expertise are in sales and not in warranty work and bike repair. As such, Jupiter Bike handles all warranty claims and repair issues. We pride ourselves in being responsive to the bike owner's needs and in providing exemplary service. Regardless of the issue, Jupiter Bike's warranty department will take care of your customers' concerns and resolve things to their satisfaction, thus freeing you to do what you do best.

And the entire warranty claim process is done online for your customer's convenience and to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible. The process begins with the Jupiter Bike Warranty statement, which defines what is and what is not covered. From there, your customer will access the Service Request form. Upon submission of this form, an email is sent to the Jupiter Bike warranty department and a confirming email with a warranty claim number is sent to the customer.

JupiterBike warranty

JupiterBike Foldable Bike
Jupiter Bike - folded
16.3" x 20.5", 25 lb
JupiterBike Foldable Bike
typical e-bike - folded
approx. 33" x 27", 44 lb

Uniquely Folding Bike

Conventional folding e-bikes on the market fold down to a bulky size that is a challenge to carry and store. The unique folding design of the Jupiter Bike allows it to compress down to a very manageable size that is easy to carry and store. This unique design allows for the bike to be carried in the Jupiter Bike backpack (sold separately). Great selling points for the Jupiter Bike market.

After a couple tries, most people are able to unfold and fold the Jupter Bike in about 30 seconds. This fact and its compact size are the major selling points for the Jupiter Bike.

The Wheels

One of the most amazing parts of the Jupiter Bike is its technology packed wheels. Unlike conventional e-bikes that sport bulky and heavy batteries and motors, the Jupiter Bike wheels are keys to the bikes compactness and light weight, making them ideal for the Jupiter Bike market niches.

The front wheel holds Lithium Ion cells, encased in aluminum, with a solid rubber tread. The back wheel houses a brushless hub motor. These high-tech wheels give the Jupiter Bike the power to accelerate at an amazing rate, and keep the design minimal so it can compress down to such an amazingly small size.

JupiterBike Wheels

The Size Makes the Difference

It's the Jupiter Bike size that sets it apart from the rest of the e-bike market and makes it ideal for the Jupiter Bike market niche. Its unique circular design built around a single horizontal girder distributes the bike's weight equally across the frame thus making it more compact and durable. The circular design further facilitates the 10" wheels when the bike is folded making it more compact for storage. Overall, the bike is samll enough for a young child to ride safely and yet large enough and sturdy enough for a 250 pound adult to ride comfortably. Thus it's ideal for all the Jupiter Bike target markets.

49" x 6.29" x 35.5", 25 lbs
JupiterBike Backpack
Folded: 16.3" x 20.5"

But, it's the Jupiter Bike's size when folded that gives it that total sex appeal. Folding down to about the size of a thick pizza box, the bike is small enough and light enough to fit into a backpack. It's also small enough to fit under the table at a coffee shop, carried into a classroom, stored on a boat, put into the luggage compartment of an RV or small plane, or stowed in the trunk of a car. It's ideal for people on the "go" who want their transportation readily available.

As a Jupiter Bike dealer, you'll witness just how much the size makes a difference in the eyes of your customers every time you demo a bike and they take it for a test ride.

Convenient, Compact, Portable

The Jupiter Bike is all about convenience, compactness and portability. Herein lie the keys to the market niches you, as a Jupiter Bike dealer, will be meeting the needs of. Your customers will be looking for a bike that doesn't take up a vast amount of storeage space and that they can easily take with them wherever they go, which they can't find in bulky and heavy conventional bikes and e-bikes.


When Storage Space Is A Premium

It's the incredibly small size and light weight where the Jupiter Bike shines. Though small and light, the Jupiter Bike is a very viable means of transportation for the young and old alike. These are the keys to the Jupiter Bike's market niches. As a Jupiter Bike dealer, you'll be marketing to those with a need and desire for reliable, convenient transportation along with the need for compactness. Folding to about the size of a thick pizza box and weighing only 25 pounds, the Jupiter Bike is ideal for aviators, students, urban dwellers and others.

Campus Life

We're all aware of the hectic lives of college students; with busy schedules, massive amounts of homework and often the need to traverse great distances to get from one campus building to another. And they're always running late. In the past, college students resorted to using mopeds until these were banned on most campuses as being too dangerous. This makes for an ideal market niche for the Jupiter Bike. As a Jupiter Bike dealer, you'll have the opportunity to serve the needs of these students in this wide open market segment. And, adding the Jupiter Bike backpack will very much sweeten the deal.

Urban Life

More and more urban dwellers are turning to e-bikes for transportation around the city, and as a Jupiter Bike dealer, you can be a part of this exploding market. There are a variety of reasons for this significant trend. Some just want to replace driving their car. Others want to avoid parking and traffic. And still others want to help the environment by reducing their carbon footprint. With a Jupiter Bike, your customers can arrive at the office or whatever their destination is without breaking a sweat and without the need to change cloths or clean up. Research has shown that more than half of all driving trips are shorter than 10 miles, with the average single trip being just 5.95 miles. Couple this with the ability to be folded and taken into ones destination and it's easy to see how the Jupiter Bike is the perfect answer for this market niche.

Families and Baby Boomers

Today's families are active families. Unlike in the past where kids played amongst themselves, in today's society the parents are very active with their children and are always looking for ways to entertain and interact with them. And the modern child loves action and techie stuff. Whether it's going to the coffee shop in the morning for a latte and a cookie or cruising around the family's favorite vacation spot, the Jupiter Bike is a fun way for parents and children to interact and build memories.

And then there are the baby boomers who account for about 25% of Americans and who are now reaching retirement with no intention of slowing down. As a group, the boomers are determined to stay active and forever young. This is also a group that is socially and environmentally conscious that wants to be out-and-about while not contributing to the destruction of our planet. Where aging issues can make traditional bicycling a bit of a challenge, the Jupiter Bike gives boomers the freedom to get out from behind the steering wheel to cruise around their retirement communities and to get to shopping and restaurants.

As you can see in the videos below, both of these groups love the Jupiter Bike, which pretty much sells itself. And as a Jupiter Bike dealer you'll feel good seeing the smiles and excitemnet of everyone, young and old.

Warranty Support

As a Jupiter Bike dealer, you and your customers will receive outstanding support. Our philosophy is that, as a dealer, your expertise are in sales and not warranty work and bike repair. As such, Jupiter Bike handles all warranty claims and repair issues. We pride ourselves in being responsive to a Jupiter Bike owner's needs and in providing exemplary service. All Jupiter Bike products are covered by a 90 day manufacturer's warranty, with a 2-year extended warranty available for purchase. Warranty claims are handled through a warranty claim form on the website, thus, as a dealer, freeing you from spending your time with the warranty process.

JupiterBike warranty

How-To Videos

Jupiter Bike strives to make owning a bike as enjoyable and stress free as possible. We know the more we achieve these goals, the more enthused a Jupiter Bike owner will be and the more these owners will excite others about the bike. And, hence, more sales for you as a Jupiter Bike dealer. In this endeavor, we have put together a number of "how-to" videos, with more on the way. These professionally done videos will help you meet your customers' needs and free you from spending your time assisting your customers with many basic bike ownership tasks. Here are a couple examples.

Marketing Materials

As a Jupiter Bike dealer, you'll have access to a large and exciting library of professionally-done, promotional materials to help you effectively market the bike. Whether it's printed materials, sensational videos, images, or branding, you'll find what you need. And it's all available online for your convenience.

JupiterBike Flyer

Printed Materials

You'll have at your finger tips a wide variety of eye-catching printed materials to help you be successful as a Jupiter Bike dealer. You are provided with materials for everything from business cards to full-page ads. Follow this link to see the full range of printed materials at your disposal: Printed Materials

Sensational Videos

Jupiter Bike has compiles a growing library of promotional videos designed to show off the bike and peak your customer's interest. There are videos aimed at aviators, boaters, campers, college students and urban dwellers. Whatever market you're trying to reach, as a Jupiter Bike dealer, you'll find a video to get your message across: Promotional Videos

JupiterBike Flyer

Awesome Images

With the Jupiter Bike image library, you'll find images directed at the boating enthusiasts, camping lovers, and others that help your customers to invision themselves with a Jupiter Bike. The images are designed to promote different lifestyles with the added luxury of a Jupiter Bike: Boating Images

The Total Package

Feel free to explore all the Jupiter Bike marketing materials by following this link: Marketing Materials